Occupational therapy for children

If you have a disabled child, as occupational therapists we can often advise you and provide equipment for your child, to help to improve your child's quality of life.

If your child has more complex needs then occupational therapists may suggest moving to a more suitable home or adapting your own home, to make it more accessible. They can also help with these changes.

How to get services

You should contact Salford Royal's Children's Occupational Therapy service. An occupational therapist will visit you to find out what you find difficult to manage. This is called an assessment. Following this, they may make suggestions about how to help and offer you equipment.

Does the service cost?

All of our equipment is loaned and so there is no charge. Where we suggest adaptations to your home, we can advise you on any grants that you may be able to apply for, which will help to cover the cost of the work. This includes the Disabled Facilities Grant.

For services for adults please see our adult equipment services page.

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