Salford Thrive Directory

New online directory gives help for young people with behaviour issues

It’s a challenging time for teenagers in Salford, and it’s important those working with them are aware of the range of opportunities and services to support them and help them thrive. The Salford Thrive Directory is an online resource for professionals which provides contact details and information on services and organisations to support teenagers with their emotional health and social wellbeing. It also aims to help people recognise, discuss and reduce risk taking behaviours.

It’s important to recognise that taking risks is a normal part of young people’s development. Most young people will try new things, be influenced by peers and try to increase their independence. Many young people who make mistakes recover with limited consequences and are safely supported by a secure network of family and friends.

However, for young people whose lives have exposed them to risk factors such as neglect, maltreatment, parental substance misuse and parental mental health issues, it’s more likely their risk-taking could raise safeguarding concerns.

The digital Salford Thrive Directory allows people to search for support under different categories. It’s an interactive PDF with a comprehensive list of contact details and links to support groups and networks. It also has guidance for making a referral to services. 

The directory includes details on what to do in an emergency, concerns or issues, youth groups, national helplines and services by age.

Access the Salford Thrive Directory

The website that hosts the directory also has a list of national helplines that can provide support to children and young people on a range of issues including anxiety and bereavement. 

A number of seminars will be taking place to better understand working with adolescents for relevant staff which will be promoted in the bulletin that goes out to professionals within the Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership.

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