Adults with neurodevelopmental needs

How to access support as an adult with neurodevelopmental needs

For some parents and carers when their child’s needs have been identified and assessed this can lead to an increased awareness of some areas of strength and needs for themselves or close family members. This can be a difficult experience but equally we have parents and carers who tell us listening to professionals talk about their child’s needs helped them to understand themselves.

Pursuing this further is an individual’s choice. We however want to ensure that if this is something as an adult you would like to do we signpost you to the most appropriate services.

In the first instance, discussing your observations, thoughts and concerns with your GP may support you to understand whether there is a need to pursue this further and whether you would like to. If you do decide you would like to understand any areas further they will be able to sign post you to organisations and services that can help.

We have detailed below websites that are trustworthy and you may find useful.

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