Neurodevelopmental help: Speech, language and communication skills

Our communication skills are one of the most important set of skills we have. They help us to form friendships and relationships as well as help us to learn, develop and think. Our ability to understand conversations and express our own thoughts, ideas and feelings all use our speech, language and communication skills. We connect with other people through our interactions and conversations. 

For children and young people with neurodevelopmental needs speech, language and communication can be an area they need adults to help with. This may be to understand a situation or a question that has been asked, to support a conversation with a friend or for the adult to respond to non-verbal communication skills such as a facial movement.

The resources on this page aim to help adults in supporting children and young people’s speech, language and communication skills in everyday situations so that they can engage in these important interactions and connect with others.

Useful websites

Salford Speech and Language Therapy service

Developmental Language Disorder

Supporting Language Development in Early Years

Language and Communication skills and Autism

Videos and webinars

Resources to use

Courses to attend

Services to contact

Speech and Language Therapy service


Referral for Neurodevelopmental Assessment Pathway

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