Neurodevelopmental help: Emotional wellbeing and mental health

Emotional wellbeing is our ability to produce positive emotions, moods, thoughts and feelings. It helps us to adapt when we are confronted with a stressful, unpleasant or unexpected situation. It can be linked to how we feel about ourselves and which activities we choose to take part in.

For children and young people with neurodevelopmental needs we sometimes see a preference for things to be on their own terms or to be completed in a certain way. At some points during the day this may cause no problem. We all need to engage in activities we enjoy. For children and young people with neurodevelopmental needs moving away from these preferred activities, finding it difficult to concentrate on something for a long period of time or not understanding what is expected can have an impact on their emotional wellbeing. We may see this in how they respond to the situation or some of the behaviours they use to show us this distress.

These resources aim to support adults in understanding some of these responses as well as provide advice and tips that can be used every day to support a child or young person’s emotional wellbeing.

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