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What the youth service do

The youth service is an informal education service, working with young people aged 10 to 25 years, to ensure every young person in Salford reaches their full potential.

The youth workers support young people's personal and social development as they move on from childhood to become responsible young adults.

The aims of the youth service are:

  • To ensure young people to have a say in decisions affecting them and a voice in their community
  • To improve their health and wellbeing
  • To support their people’s education, learning and routes to employment and to keep them safe and reduce risk taking behaviour

Each young person is an individual, with different needs and aspirations, so we provide informal activities and youth work programmes, in youth centres, detached work, specialist projects, one to one work and groups, in schools or with other partners.

Our youth workers work alongside young people, building positive relationships based on trust and respect. This enables them to deliver programmes of work that are flexible, and responsive to the needs of young people.

The youth service is based on a commitment to equality and young people's active participation and empowerment.

What is a youth worker?

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Youth centres and projects

We have youth centres across Salford with sessions running at different times during the week.

We also have a range of projects that the youth service run or are involved in.

Youth Voice is comprised of several youth forums within Salford who all encourage young people to speak up and have their voice heard. If you would like to join one of these groups contact Martyn Shaw on 0161 778 0700.

The youth service has buildings that can be used for meetings or training. There is also a mobile climbing wall and mobile bus that can be booked. If you want more information about availability and cost contact 0161 778 0700.

If you would like to volunteer at one of our youth centres we can get you started once you have completed our volunteers form.

Who to contact

Remember you can contact us quicker, easier, better online.

Contact us online

0161 778 0700
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