If you need to contact the city council in an emergency, please telephone 0161 793 2500 during office hours (Minicom 0161 793 3004)

Outside normal office hours, including weekends and bank holidays, please call 0161 794 8888 (Minicom 0161 793 3303) or us our contact form.

Salford's major incident plan

This information has been produced by Salford City Council's Emergency Planning Unit and aims to show how preparation for, and response to, major emergencies in Salford takes place.

Major incidents require a combined and co-ordinated response which links the expertise and resources found in many organisations.

Planning for major incidents in Salford

The purpose of the city council's emergency management plan (major incident plan) is to provide a framework for managing the council's response to emergencies, which cannot be dealt with by normal procedures.

The plan is updated on a regular basis and emergency exercises are periodically enacted to test the effectiveness of its procedures.

The plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various directorates and provides for (if necessary) an emergency management structure, and sets out the roles and responsibilities of various partner organisations who may also become involved in the response to an emergency - for example police, fire service, NHS, public utilities, neighbouring authorities voluntary groups (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc).

Community Risk Register

Emergency Planning in Salford is informed by The Greater Manchester Community Risk Register, which has been created to:

  • Reassure the people and communities of Greater Manchester that an assessment of potential hazards and threats has been made or considered
  • Satisfy the requirements outlined in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and its Statutory Guidance (Emergency Preparedness)

The Greater Manchester Community Risk Register and other information about emergency planning in Greater Manchester is available.

Further information on the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 is available.

Greater Manchester Prepared

The Greater Manchester Prepared website aims to prepare communities for emergency situations such as severe weather or power outages.

Emergency planning contacts

For further information about the city council's emergency management plan and emergency planning in Salford please:

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