Role of Salford City Council in an emergency

The initial role of the local authority in responding to major emergencies is to support the emergency services and then, later, to lead the recovery.

City council responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and operating reception centres
  • Providing short and long-term accommodation
  • Environmental Health
  • Media handling
  • Collecting/disposing of waste
  • Communications
  • Assisting with temporary mortuaries
  • Highways
  • Co-ordinating transport
  • Catering facilities
  • Co-ordinating the work of the voluntary agencies and individuals
  • Providing counselling and support for those affected assisting other agencies and individuals

Local authority emergency planning responsibilities are carried out in accordance with a variety of statutory requirements and legislation:

Responsibilities are fulfilled through the integrated arrangements with other responders, which include:

  • The provision and maintenance of general emergency management plans for continued delivery of local authority services and additional functions, as required, during and following a disaster
  • The provision and maintenance of emergency plans for specific industrial hazards
  • The provision and maintenance of specific plans for other local sites considered potentially hazardous e.g. sports and other entertainment venues
  • Support and guidance to local authority directorates in the development of departmental emergency plans
  • The integration of community arrangements into the emergency planning process
  • Ensuring local authorities have input into the emergency planning arrangements of other agencies eg emergency services, health services, public utilities and the military
  • Training and exercising key staff and volunteers
  • The development and co-ordination of exercises to test plans and provide practical training
  • Maintaining resource information to support an effective emergency response
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