Personal safety

While GMP, the National Police Counter Terrorism Network and security services are working hard to bring offenders to justice and keep people safe there are steps that everyone can take to help us tackle terrorism and keep themselves as safe as possible while the threat is heightened.

Some of the steps that people can take include:

Every day:

  • Be alert to what is going on around you
  • Report anything suspicious at the earliest opportunity – either to police on 999 or to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321
  • Ensure that your social media security settings are set to private and be mindful of what information you are sharing

While you’re at work:

  • Always wear your work pass when you’re in an official building, and be mindful of anyone not wearing theirs – get comfortable asking them for proof of their permission to be there
  • Be mindful of tailgating. If somebody attempts to follow you through a secure door or gate which requires a pass to gain access, whether on foot or in a vehicle, always ensure that person is authorised to access the area

In the event of a firearms or weapons attack, always follow these three steps:

Run to a place of safety. This is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate. If there’s nowhere to go then…

It’s better to hide than to confront. Remember to turn your phone to silent and turn off vibrate. Barricade yourself in if you can. Then finally and only when it’s safe to do so…

Tell the police by calling 999.

During an incident follow Greater Manchester Police’s social media accounts for official updates:

Run, hide, tell: Video on Terrorism advice for young people

If you can't hear the video or don't have sound on your device you can turn on the captions option in YouTube.

Downloadable documents

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This page was last updated on 29 September 2017

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