Information for recruitment agencies

Salford City Council will not accept any CVs received from a recruitment agency which does not have a contractual agreement with us at the time of receipt. 

We confirm that Salford City Council receiving any email/letter/correspondence and any candidate details enclosed within will not create a contractual arrangement or agreement with Salford City Council to accept the CV, and will in no way establish any prior claim by your company to representation of that candidate should the candidate’s details also be submitted by any other party. 

For the avoidance of doubt, Salford City Council will not pay any compensation or introductory fees to a recruitment agency or supplier which submits a CV without a formal agreement to do so with us.  

Salford City Council will deem CVs received from a recruitment agency without a formal agreement with the council as a gift, leaving us liable for no fees whatsoever should we choose to contact the candidate directly and engage the candidate’s services.

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