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Apply for a premises licence online using the payment form below.

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If you are an existing premises licence holder then you must pay your annual fee using the online payment form below. 

Pay your annual fee

You will need to apply for a premises licence if you intend to sell alcohol or provide ‘licensable activities’ from a particular venue.

Licensable activities include:

  • selling alcohol
  • serving hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am (known as late night refreshment)

You’ll also need a licence if you provide the following types of entertainment:

  • theatrical performance
  • showing a film
  • indoor sporting event
  • boxing or wrestling (indoor or outdoor)
  • live music
  • recorded music
  • dance
  • facilities for making music
  • dancing facilities

You still need a licence even if the activities are for charity.

It will take at least 28 days for a licence to be granted, there must be a 28 day consultation period.


You don’t need a licence for some types of entertainment, including:

  • educational or promotional films
  • films shown as part of an exhibition in a museum or gallery
  • incidental music (live or recorded)


You must be 18 or over to apply for a premises licence.


Designated premises supervisor

You must be, or appoint, a designated premises supervisor (DPS) before a licence will be granted. A DPS must have a personal licence to sell alcohol.

Local newspaper

You must place the notice in a local newspaper, for instance the Manchester Weekly News, Salford edition. The notice must be published at least once in the period of ten working days, starting the day after a complete application has been submitted to the local authority. The licensing team will notify you whether your application has been accepted as complete and we would advise you not to place the notice in a newspaper until you have received this confirmation. You will receive this confirmation by email and we will inform you of the date any representations should be submitted by, which you will need to include in the notice.

Display notice of application on the premises

You must display a notice on the premises for a period of no less than 28 consecutive days starting on the day after the day which the application was submitted to the local authority. Once you have submitted your application, the licensing team will notify you by email whether your application has been accepted as complete and we will inform you of the date any representations should be submitted by, which you will need to include in the notice.

The other pages of the licence should be kept safely at the premises. The licence application will also be displayed on our website.

This notice must be:

  • A4 size or larger
  • Pale blue in colour
  • Printed or typed in black in a font size of at least 16
  • On display at the premises where it can be conveniently viewed from the exterior of the premises
  • For large premises further notices must be displayed every fifty metres along the external perimeter of the premises

Download an example notice (Microsoft Word format, 16kb)

Pre-application advice

We can provide for a fee, pre-application advice for certain licensing applications. Click the headings to find out more.

About the service

If you want to make a new application for a premises licence or an application to vary an existing premises licence you can take advantage of this service.

Pre-application advice and assistance can include:

  • advice and assistance with completing the application forms including (not exhaustive)
  • advice on appropriate conditions taken from the pool of standard conditions outlined in the council's adopted policy statement or consultation with other responsible authorities
  • advice on drawing up plans to accompany the application in accordance with the relevant regulations
  • advice on nominating an appropriate designated premises supervisor
  • assistance with completing the statutory notices and adverting
  • on-site visit(s) to ensure plans are compliant with prescribed regulations


The charge for pre-application advice is based on officer time, but will be a maximum of £78.50 for a small scale application and a maximum of £109.50  for medium to large applications.

Small scale applications

Small scale applications would normally consist of applications relating to premises that occupy a relatively small floor area or premises where the proposed licensable activities will largely be ancillary to the operation of the premises, for example, independent supermarkets and food led restaurants.

Medium to large scale applications

Medium to large scale applications would be any other premises that occupy a large premises or where licensable activities will form part of the primary operation of the premises.

Fee exemptions

Exemptions will apply in certain circumstances for educational institutes, buildings used for religious purposes, village and community halls and non profit making charities. Advice for minor variations and temporary event notices will still be free.

How to get pre-application advice

Please email

How to apply

Please ensure that correct planning permission is in place and that there are no restrictive planning conditions attached to the premises. See our planning advice page for more information.

You’ll need to provide:

  • your details
  • details of the DPS if applying for a licence to sell alcohol
  • a detailed plan of the premises - see the requirements for the plan 
  • a map showing the exact location of the premises
  • an operating schedule, eg hours when alcohol will be sold
  • proof of your entitlement to live and work in the UK

You must display your ‘application notice’ at or on the premises for 28 days from the day after it was submitted.

Licence fees

You’ll be charged a fee that’s based on the rateable value of the property, this will be on your latest bill. A multiplier will be applied at application to any premises used exclusively or primarily for the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises (bands D and E only). An annual charge multiplier will be applied to premises used exclusively or primarily for the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises (bands D and E only).

If your premises doesn’t have a rateable value it will fall into the lowest fee band.


Non-domestic rateable value

Application fee Annual charge

£0 - £4300




£4301 - £33,000




£33,001 - £87,000




£87,001 - £125,000




£125,001  and over



How do I pay my annual fee?

You must pay your annual fee using the online payment form below.

Pay your annual fee

What happens if I don't pay my annual fee?

Following an amendment to the Licensing Act 2003, a licence must be suspended if the annual fee has not been paid on or before it becomes due. The law says that the licence holder must be given notice of at least two working days of any suspension, so if an annual fee has not been paid by the due date, we will write to the licence holder to let them know on what date their licence will  be suspended. We will inform the Police, Trading Standards and the other responsible authorities of this suspension.

When a licence is suspended no licensable activities will be able to take place. Carrying out unlicensed licensable activities whilst a licence is suspended carries a penalty of a fine of up to £20,000 and up to six months imprisonment upon conviction.

Length of licence

Most premises licences have an unlimited duration but you will have to pay an annual fee.

Fines and penalties

You can be fined up to £1,000 for failing to produce your licence on request.

If you carry out any licensable activities at your premises without a premises licence, you can be fined, sent to prison for up to six months, or both.

Make your application

To complete this form please refer to the guidance notes for applying for a premises licence.

Apply here for a premises licence

What happens next

As part of the application process your application must also be sent to the following responsible authorities. If you are submitting your application electronically we will distribute your application for you.

Responsible authorities

  1. Licensing Section at Salford City Council
  2. Greater Manchester Police
  3. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
  4. Technical Services at Salford City Council
  5. Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership
  6. Environmental Protection Service at Salford City Council
  7. Trading Standards Service at Salford City Council
  8. Environmental Health Service at Salford City Council
  9. Director of Public Health
  10. Home Office - Alcohol Licensing Team
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