Pre-application advice

We can provide for a fee, pre-application advice for certain licensing applications. Click the headings to find out more.

About the service

If you want to make a new application for a premises licence or an application to vary an existing premises licence you can take advantage of this service.

Pre-application advice and assistance can include:

  • advice and assistance with completing the application forms including (not exhaustive)
  • advice on appropriate conditions taken from the pool of standard conditions outlined in the council's adopted policy statement or consultation with other responsible authorities
  • advice on drawing up plans to accompany the application in accordance with the relevant regulations
  • advice on nominating an appropriate designated premises supervisor
  • assistance with completing the statutory notices and adverting
  • on-site visit(s) to ensure plans are compliant with prescribed regulations


The charge for pre-application advice is based on officer time, but will be a maximum of £78.50 for a small scale application and a maximum of £109.50  for medium to large applications.

Small scale applications

Small scale applications would normally consist of applications relating to premises that occupy a relatively small floor area or premises where the proposed licensable activities will largely be ancillary to the operation of the premises, for example, independent supermarkets and food led restaurants.

Medium to large scale applications

Medium to large scale applications would be any other premises that occupy a large premises or where licensable activities will form part of the primary operation of the premises.

Fee exemptions

Exemptions will apply in certain circumstances for educational institutes, buildings used for religious purposes, village and community halls and non profit making charities. Advice for minor variations and temporary event notices will still be free.

How to get pre-application advice

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