Acupuncture, ear-piercing, tattooing, electrolysis, micro-blading and semi-permanent make-up

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 requires that all persons that carry out acupuncture, tattooing, ear piercing, electrolysis, micro-blading and semi-permanent make-up be registered with the local authority.

If you want to check if a person or business operating in Salford is registered, then either ask to see their registration certificate or contact the environmental health team.


In addition to the general health and safety requirements of businesses, environmental health officers visit these establishments to check that they comply with the council's bylaws for piercers made under section 14(7) Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, including ensuring:

  • The structure is suitable, in good repair and can be thoroughly cleaned/disinfected
  • Furniture and equipment is cleansable
  • Protective clothing, towels, cloths are suitable and clean
  • Needles and other instruments are disposable or thoroughly cleansed/disinfected where necessary
  • Waste, including sharps/clinical waste, is disposed of correctly

A full copy of Salford's bylaws are available to download below along with comprehensive guidance for tattooists, body piercers and micropigmentation. In addition further guidance is available from the Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit relating to skin piercing.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has also published comprehensive guidance that covers these practices (and other similar treatments) 'Body Art, cosmetic therapies and other special treatments' (ISBN 1-902423-80-1).


The current registration fees are £126 to register your premises and a further £63 to register each person who will undertake the treatments. There is also a £15 charge for a duplicate Copy of Registration fee or any minor amendments.


If no visit or work has been undertaken by the officer a full refund will be made, less a £10 administration fee.

If an officer has commenced work on the application or visited the premises, no refund will be available.

How to apply

If you do not currently have a valid registration for skin piercing activities and want to apply for one you can complete the online form below, payment can also be made within this form.

Register a skin piercing activity

If you are applying to register additional persons under an existing premises registration you need to download and complete the application form below and then post the form to Environmental Health, Place, Directorate, Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Salford, M27 5FJ or email the completed form to Once the form is received you will be contacted by a member of the team to take payment.

Copy of registration

Request a copy of your registration or make an amendment

This page was last updated on 12 May 2022

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