Car boot sales and markets

You will need a licence to run a market or a car boot sale in Salford.

What is a car boot sale and what can and can’t be sold?

Car boot sales are held in a variety of locations in Salford, such as the grounds of schools, community buildings, in fields, parks and car parks. Usually they take place at weekends, often on a Sunday morning. They are organised by local communities, charities, friends’ groups, or for schools, clubs or sports clubs fundraising efforts.

Sellers will typically pay the organisers a small fee for their pitch and arrive with their pre-loved or unwanted household goods or used personal possessions in the boot of their private car or transit van. Usually, the items are then unpacked onto folding trestle tables, a blanket or tarpaulin, or the ground.

For reasons of health and safety, electrical goods, weapons, fireworks, medicines, and drugs (legal highs), alcohol or live animals cannot be not displayed or sold at a car boot sale. Counterfeit and fake goods, motorised off-road vehicles and hoverboards are also prohibited.

Entry to the public is usually free, although sometimes a small admission charge is made towards a not for profit, charity, or community organisation.

The number of car boot sales held at any one venue during a year (January to December) must not exceed 12 in total. Fees may apply.

If you intend to hold a car boot sale please use the application form at the bottom of this page.

What is a market?

A market is a group of buyers and sellers made up of  five or more independent stalls, from which articles are sold. These can be held on private or council managed land.

There are two types of markets:

  1. Non-profit markets usually organised by local communities or organisations with the intention of raising funds for a specific charity or to raise funds that will have a defined benefit that meets a specific need of the local community, and the market operator will be asked to supply relevant information as proof of this, to the council. They may be attached to a larger event such as a community festival or fun day in a park.
  2. Commercial markets are operated for profit, where the market stall operators are engaged in a business activity of selling goods for their own purposes. They maybe themed, for example a Vegan Market or Vintage Market, or attached to a larger event at the same site.

How do I apply for a licence and what documents do I need?

You need to complete the market licence application form at the bottom of this page. You should apply at least six weeks prior to the start date for your market.

There are several documents you will be asked to provide with your application for a market. Here are some of the essential documents:

  • Your Public Liability Insurance documents
  • Evidence that you have land permission for the site of the market
  • If a non-profit market, details about the charity or community event the market is supporting
  • A detailed site plan
  • Your Health and Safety risk assessment
  • Certification for safe installation of gas and electricity supplies
  • Documents from any Food Traders on site (minimum rating three star)
  • DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) documentation

Once you have completed the application, please email to

Fees and charges

Please make sure you read the scale of charges on the application form and have funds available to pay the fees to Salford City Council on application.

Downloadable documents

If you are unable to view documents of these types, our downloads page provides links to viewing software.

This page was last updated on 11 March 2022

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