Public cycle hire

Salford now has a public cycle hire scheme powered by Beryl Bikes with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), enabling low cost cycle hire across parts of Salford.

The scheme has launched in November 2021 and has expanded across parts of Salford, Manchester and Trafford providing a great way to great across the city, explore new locations or switch to low cost active form of travel.

The bikes can be hired from any docking station across Salford and must be parked in a docking station when you have finished your ride. There are both electric and normal cycles to be hired and cost £0.05 per minute to hire with a £0.50 unlocking fee, or £0.10 per minute with a £0.50 unlocking fee for electric bikes.

To hire a bike, please download the Beryl App which can be found on Beryl’s webpage.

Cycle area map

Get more information about cycle hire on the TfGM website. 

For any support information please email Beryl Bikes directly at

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