Highway policies and strategies

The documents detailed below set out the highway policies and strategies for Salford City Council.

They define the way in which the authority will deliver its highway maintenance services and achieve the defined goals and targets.

The detailed documents are available in the downloadable section of this page.

Highway infrastructure asset management plan (HIAMP) 2015

Salford's highway infrastructure asset management plan is a management document that sets out how the city will maintain it's highway infrastructure in a strategic and efficient manner. Salford's highway infrastructure is an asset valued at £1.2 billion and it is vitally important that it is protected and maintained efficiently within the constraints of currently available resources so that a defined level of service can be provided for road users. This is outlined within the operational standards document.

Highway policy and strategy

This document provides a summary of the available policy statements which support the highways infrastructure asset management plan.

Operational standards document

This document sets out the operational policies and standards of Salford City Council for the management of its highway assets. It identifies good practice in line with the recommendations in the national code of practice for highway maintenance.

Communications strategy (community engagement)

This document sets out Urban Vision's communication strategy, designed to support existing neighbourhood structures, to effectively communicate the council's service delivery requirements to the wider community and to engage with them in order to integrate the community priorities relating to highway maintenance with those of the city council.

Salford local flood risk management strategy

This document sets out a framework for the effective management of local flood risk in Salford.

Winter weather maintenance plan

Salford City Council's aim is to provide a winter weather maintenance service, which as far as possible provides safe movement of traffic on trunk, principal, classified and certain district roads in the city of Salford and keeps to a minimum delays and accidents caused by adverse winter weather.

Skid resistance policy

Details of Salford's skid resistance policy including the investigation process can be found in the documents listed below.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority key route network (Salford)

A copy of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority key route network in Salford is available to view below. The key route network is a series of highways that provide strategic transportation links that are critical to support public transport and economic activity across Greater Manchester.

Resilient network

Salford City Council's 'Resilient Highway Network' details the roads within the Salford city boundary that are required to be operational in severe weather conditions to allow essential services to function reliably and safely and to ensure movement of traffic within Salford.

Weekly roadworks bulletin

The weekly roadworks bulletin is provided on the website to enable the public to view planned major road works on the highway network in Salford or affecting Salford's network. It is also distributed to relevant stakeholders, including local and national media outlets for wider communication. This document may be updated more frequently to accommodate events that may adversely affect the highway.

ISO 9001 accreditation

Urban Vision Partnership Limited delivers high quality highway services for Salford City Council; a copy of the quality management certificate is available to view below.

Statutory instrument - The Traffic Management Act (Salford City Council) Permit Scheme Order 2013

A copy of Salford City Council's approval of the 'Greater Manchester Permit Scheme' in exercise of its powers under Section 33A (2) of the Traffic Management Act 2004 can be found at the bottom of this page.

Further information on how utility companies should operate in Salford can be found on the council's website. Details of Greater Manchester Road Activities Permit Scheme (GMRAPS) are available.

The council aims to provide up to date streets and traffic services information.

This page was last updated on 5 April 2017

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