Peel Park: Timeline

Delve into the rich and exciting history of Peel Park- From 1846, see how the park came to be, it ups and downs, all the way up to the parks re-establishment today.


Lark Hill Mansion built by James Ackers


Government Select Committee on Public Walks

1839 - 1846

Mark Philips MP and Sir Robert Peel contribute and agitate for parks in Salford and Manchester. Both will have parks named after them in 1846.

7 years of intense campaigning leads Manchester & Salford to set up the Committee for Public Walks, Gardens & Playgrounds. A private subscription raises funds.

1845 - 1846

Joshua Major & Son win a competition for park design.

22 August 1846

Peel Park opens in former Lark Hill Mansion Estate.

November 1850

Salford Museum and Art Gallery opens.


In response to Sir Robert Peel’s sudden death, statue of Peel installed. Start of statue collection.


80,000 people attend Queen Victoria’s visit to the park.


Statue Erected to Queen Victoria.


Statue erected to Prince Consort on his death.

16 November 1866

River Irwell floods. Obelisk erected 1867, recording height at 8’6’’. 1876 second flood height added at 4’3’’.


Royal Technical College opens within the park; now the Peel Building.

1915 - 1928

LS Lowry studies at Technical College. Peel park features in many of his artworks.


Salford Art Gallery begins its LS Lowry collection.

1936 - 1937

Lark Hill Mansion demolished and replaced with new wing.

Victoria Arch declared unsafe and demolished.


Brotherton, Cobden and Peel statues moved into storage.

1954 - 1967

Major redevelopment and landscaping of park and surrounding area, with extension of Technical School becoming eventually University of Salford.


Brotherton and Peel statues sold to private collector.


Crescent Conservation Area designated: Includes Museum & Art Gallery and Peel Building.


Sculptures Added: 'Fabric of Nature' 'Monument to the third Millennium'.

Also Marie Curie 'Field of Hope'.


Peel Park & David Lewis Recreation Ground added to Conservation Area.

2008 - onwards

University of Salford Masterplan identifies major redevelopment around Peel Park.


Stage 1 HLF bid submitted.

August 2016

Park works begin.

13 October 2017

The park reopens with a Fire Garden event.


After a few months for grass and plants to establish a celebration event to be held in Spring.

Peel Park Party

Walk the Plank helped deliver this community themed event, supported by the Friends of Peel Park, the local community and Salford City Council.

Members of the Brotherton family made the journey up north to help celebrate the return of the Joseph Brotheron statue and attend the official opening of the park. It was a great day for the park, the local community, our funders and partners and a proud moment for the Brotherton family.

Green Flag Award

Peel Park awarded Green Flag Award.

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