Operating a business from home

With the development of communications technology, opportunities for home working can be expected to increase.

The established planning principle of ancillary (or incidental) uses recognises that new activities may be started in a building or within its curtilage without any further need for permission, provided they remain ancillary to the main use, in this case residential.

Many small business and other non residential uses are started by people working in their own homes. Permission is not usually required where the use of part of a dwelling/house for business purposes does not change the overall character of the property's use as a single dwelling.  

Whether a change of use of a dwelling is taking place, and hence whether planning permission is required, is a matter of fact and degree of any proposal. However, if the following guidelines are adhered to, it is likely that planning permission would not be required:

  1. the residential use, character and appearance of the property is maintained
  2. the type of activity is unlikely to be detrimental to the residential amenities of adjoining occupiers and the character of the area
  3. there are no staff employed
  4. not more than one room or garage is used for business purposes and this room or garage is available for domestic use outside normal business hours
  5. the storage of any materials associated with the activity are not visible from the street and are of such small quantity as not to affect the visual amenities of adjoining occupiers
  6. not more than one commercial vehicle will be parked within the curtilage of the site or on the surrounding highway

More information

Please see the Planning Portal for more information.

If you require written advice as to whether planning permission is required it will be necessary to submit views in writing to the address below or via email to planning.contact@salford.gov.uk.

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