Assessment of a pupil's English language competence

Salford EMTAS recommends that schools should monitor the attainment and progress of pupils who may be at the earliest stages of learning English.

Schools should also make sure that:

  • Specialist English as an additional language support should be available for new arrivals from qualified teachers or teaching assistants who have received appropriate training and support
  • More advanced learners of English should have continuing support in line with their varying needs as they develop competencies over time

In line with this guidance, Salford EMTAS offers schools:

  • Assessment of English as an additional language children new arrivals using the Bell Foundation Assessment Framework
  • Direct support in schools in one to one or small group interventions
  • Ongoing assessment of pupils supported by EMTAS

After admission to school an early assessment of a pupil's English language competence will be helpful to decide what support the pupil needs to learn English and access the National Curriculum.

The school will need to refer the child to our services, using the online form below. Complete the form with as much information as possible and ensure parental consent is obtained before submitting.

EMTAS referral form

EMTAS will then contact the school with a date for the initial assessment. When necessary an assessment in the pupil's first language may be carried out, as this will enhance the quality of the information and programme planning.

A report will be prepared outlining the child's educational and linguistic background and an assessment of their current proficiency in English based on the Bell Foundation Assessment Framework. A copy of the report will be sent to the school with suggested strategies to support the pupil's language development and a recommendation to provide direct support in school (or not).

If assessments are carried out soon after arrival, it is important that the pupil is reassessed after a designated period. It is important to understand that the whole difficult situation the child and the family are facing may mask the pupil's true performance.

For more information, please contact the EMTAS team on 0161 686 7229 or email

This page was last updated on 27 June 2024

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