Off-site direction

In addition to the strategies set out in initial intervention, page 29 of the Behaviour in Schools guidance, headteachers should consider an off-site direction (a temporary measure that maintained schools and academies can use) as a preventative measure to avoid suspension/permanent exclusion.

Off-site direction is when a governing board of a maintained school requires a pupil to attend another education setting to improve their behaviour. Whilst the legislation does not apply to academies, they can arrange off-site provision for such purposes under their general powers. Where interventions or targeted support have not been successful in improving a pupil’s behaviour, off-site direction should be used to arrange time-limited placements at an Alternative Provision or another mainstream school.

Full details can be found on page 20 of Suspension and Permanent Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England, including pupil movement.

Schools should notify the local authority of all ‘Off-site directions’ using the online form below.

Off-site direction notification form

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