Parish boundary and catchment area maps

Many faith schools prioritise children for admission on the basis of whether the child lives in the parish served by the school. This will be listed in the school's admission policy if it applies to the school to which you are applying for your child.

The maps below have been produced to aid you in determining the likelihood of your child gaining a place in your preferred school. Living within the parish boundary does not guarantee your child a place in the school, the school will still apply the admission criteria to your child's application. Your child will be offered a place if they are eligible for one of the available places on the basis of those admission criteria.

These maps have been produced so that, if you live on the boundary of a parish, you can zoom into the map to identify whether your individual property is within the parish boundary. Please use the zoom feature within the PDF to check carefully.

Further maps will be published here as they are made available. If you are applying for a faith school and no map is shown below, please contact the school directly for further details.

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This page was last updated on 5 June 2024

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