Public health intelligence

The Public Health Intelligence Team delivers high quality public health analysis to inform strategic decision making in Salford. By turning data into actionable intelligence the team support the aims of reducing inequalities and improving health and wellbeing for the residents of Salford.

The team works closely with Public Health Strategy Managers to provide insight across the full range of public health. This covers a wider range of topics including:

  • Health conditions including mental health and cancer
  • Risk factors such as smoking or drinking alcohol and the
  • Wider determinants of health including deprivation, education and environmental factors
  • Health protection covering screening and immunisations

The team is responsible for the delivery of the Joint Strategic Strengths and Needs Assessment (JSSNA). The approach we take in this recognises that whilst understanding need is vital, even more important is understanding what is already there, the strengths and assets that matter to people’s lives and keep them well.

We also work closely with national partners including the UK Health Security Agency and the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, as well as our neighbouring areas within Greater Manchester and beyond.

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