Sexual health services in Salford

SHINE is the name of Salford’s Sexual Health Services; they are provided by Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust provides free, high quality contraception and sexual health services for:

  • Salford
  • Bolton

Services offered by Bolton NHS Foundation Trust in Salford include:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening and treatment 
  • Pregnancy testing 
  • Contraception options including implant, intrauterine systems (IUS) and intrauterine devices (IUD)
  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception
  • Psychosexual therapy (via GP referral)
  • Free condoms 
  • HIV treatment and care services 
  • LGBT+ info and advice
  • PrEP clinic

How to get help

Visit the Salford clinics part of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust website for more information or phone 0161 206 1099 for an appointment.

Please note: The SHINE Sexual Health Services in Salford are confidential.

About the service

All contraception and sexual health services are open access which means that people can use any clinics in any part of England.

In Salford the SHINE Sexual Health Service offers advice, sexual health screening and treatment and management of sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

If you think you might have an infection, or just want a sexual health check-up, the doctors and nurses at SHINE Sexual Health Service in Salford will be happy to help. These clinics are free and confidential. Information about how to book an appointment can be found on the SHINE Sexual Health Service website.

If you have no sexual health symptoms but would like a sexual health check-up, you can be sent a postal kit. See the SHINE Sexual Health Service website. You will need to complete an online form to determine what tests will be within the kit and provide information so that they can contact you with results. Return the completed tests in a freepost envelope and results are given within 14 days.

Your sexual health is a key part of your physical, mental and social wellbeing. Whether you’re in a relationship, don’t have a regular partner or are not currently having sex, taking care of your sexual health is important.

More information about sexual health can be found on the Sexwise website.

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