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Landlord - sign up to the Council Tax Landlord Portfolio Service

Welcome to our Council Tax Landlord Portfolio Service. Sign up if you are a Landlord or Managing Agent with a portfolio of residential properties in the city. This service is part of the Council’s efforts to continually improve its offer and is available to all landlords and managing agents with multiple properties in Salford - whether you own or manage just a couple or a huge portfolio of properties.

Here’s are the exclusive features you will get that can make your life easier:

  • A monthly email update of all your council tax accounts for all your properties.
  • The facility to make a single payment for multiple bills with the option to control how it is allocated to all your accounts.
  • Update and schedule multiple tenancy changes in one go.
    • Send us a schedule of any new tenancy changes and we’ll process and email you the new and revised bills.
    • Your next monthly schedule will reflect all your new and revised balances for you to check and pay with confidence.
  • A dedicated team to support you with any queries or issues.

Sign up to the Landlord Portfolio Service

Landlord - notify us of a tenancy change for a single property

Use this form to tell us if you are a landlord or managing agents and need to tell us that a tenant has moved, or is due to move into or out of a property you manage or own. To complete this form you will need the tenant’s details, the full property address and the dates of any changes.

Landlord change of occupier notification

Landlord - notify us of a tenancy change for multiple properties

To report tenancy changes at multiple properties please follow the three steps below.

Send multiple tenancy changes to us. Just complete the spreadsheet that can be downloaded under step one and send to us on our online form, at the bottom of this page. This will help us get accurate bills out to you and your tenants quickly.

Step one

Detail all your new tenancy changes for tenants moving in and out on our 'Landlord multiple tenancy changes spreadsheet', that can be downloaded below. A template copy of the spreadsheet will be sent to you each month with your council tax balances list for your council tax accounts.

Download the landlord multiple tenancy changes spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel format, 11kb)

Please use these instructions to complete the spreadsheet:

  • Column A indicates if the tenant is ‘Moving in’ or ‘Moving out’
  • Column B is the name of the Owner of the property (please include full name)
  • Column C is the name of the tenant/s (if more than one, please separate by comma)
  • Column D is the property reference number (optional)
  • Column E is the Full property address
  • Column F indicates if the property is furnished or not
  • Column G is the start date of the tenancy
  • Column H is the end date of the tenancy
  • Column I is any alternative contact address for tenant
  • Column J is the tenant(s) email address
  • Column K is the tenant(s) phone number
  • Column L indicates if the tenant is a student
  • Column M is the place of study if the tenant is a student
  • Column N is the students matriculation number

There is no limit to the number of tenancy changes you can notify us about through one spreadsheet

Step two

Please name your spreadsheet as follows: Company name_yyyymmdd

For example, if you are AAA maintenance then please name the spreadsheet AAAMaintenance_20220119

Please use this file name format as it allows us to easily identify your properties and process the changes automatically. 

Step three

Upload your completed spreadsheet using our council tax landlord and letting agents schedules form, below. 

Council tax landlord and letting agent schedules

This will ensure it is picked up and automatically processed quickly.

Landlord - general enquiry

To complete this form you will need to provide the full details of the landlord and the property address in Salford to which this query relates.

Landlord query

Landlord - council tax bulk payment instructions

You can make a single payment for multiple different council tax payments at the same time. Follow the three steps below.

You can make a single payment for multiple different council tax accounts at the same time. To do this, you must also send us a remittance spreadsheet so we know which council tax accounts you want your bulk payment to be allocated to.

Our bank details

Council tax bulk payments should be made to:

  • Bank account name: Salford City Council
  • Bank account number: 93073130
  • Sort code: 20-54-66

Remittance spreadsheet

For each bulk payment you have made, please use the template provided below called ‘Council tax bulk remittance notification’ to tell us how you want the payment allocated to your accounts. A copy of the template will be sent to you each month with your council tax balances.

Step one

Rename the spreadsheet using your company name followed by the word remit. For example, if your company name is AAA maintenance, you should name your file AAA maintenance remit.

Step two

In the file, please provide the following information for each account you want the bulk payment to be allocated to.

  • Column A is the date the payment is made
  • Column B is the Council Tax reference number the payment is to be allocated to
  • Column C is the amount you want allocated to that Council Tax account
  • Column D is whatever you called the payment when it was made
  • There is no limit to the number of lines you can have. Please add a total at the bottom of all the entries and ensure it matches the total value of the bulk payment

Step three

Email the completed remittance spreadsheet to Income.Control@salford.gov.uk when you make your bulk payment

Landlord - apply for a discount or an exemption

See our discounts and exemptions page.

This page was last updated on 5 December 2023

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