Celebrating 75 years of the NHS

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On Wednesday 5 July 2023, the NHS marked 75 years of service. Salford City Council supported this important milestone with the following activities.

2 July – Together coalition’s 'Thank You Day'

5 July – Official 75th Birthday

  • Lighting up blue the Civic Centre Building
    Salford City Council joined NHS sites, historic monuments, and other high-profile locations across the country to ‘light up’ buildings in blue.
  • NHS Big Tea Party
    Staff, businesses and community groups will be raised a cuppa tea for the NHS.

5 to 11 July – NHS staff invited to visit RHS Garden Bridgewater for free

8 to 9 July – National NHS75 parkrun events 

Since the NHS was founded on 5 July 1948, it has always innovated and adapted to meet to needs of each generation. 75 years on, the NHS’s founding principles remain as relevant today as they were then. Despite the challenges, the public still overwhelmingly support having a national health service, and it is what makes our people most proud to be British.

As we mark 75 years of the NHS, it is a time to celebrate our past, but more importantly, a time to think about a future where we continue to put patients first. We want to take this opportunity to thank all NHS staff and volunteers, past and present, who have made the organisation what it is.

Tom Stannard, Chief Executive of Salford City Council

Tom Stannard shares what the NHS means to him.

How to get involved with the NHS Birthday

The official NHS 75 Birthday has now past, but you can find still lots of ways to get involved throughout the year.

These include:

NHS services and resources

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