Public Health

Public Health in Salford are responsible for helping people to stay healthy and avoid getting ill. They are playing a key role in the response to COVID-19 and protecting health and wellbeing in Salford.

The public health team covers:

  • Monitoring health status and investigating health problems
  • Protecting health from the variety of infectious and non-infectious threats
  • Informing, educating and empowering people
  • Creating and supporting community partnerships
  • Developing policies and plans
  • Conducting evaluations and research to plan services that best suit the needs of our communities
  • Producing the public health annual reports, highlighting key challenges and progress in delivering the Locality Plan

Health in Salford is improving, and life expectancy is increasing year on year. However, the gap between those areas with the worst and best of health continues to grow both nationally and regionally.

One of the main aims of public health is to reduce inequalities in health within Salford, and also compared to other parts of the country. Currently women living in less affluent parts of Salford have an average lifespan of eight years less than those living in the more affluent areas, whilst for men the gap is 12 years. This difference is further compounded as more deprived areas typically spend a higher proportion of their lives in poor health.

The public health work programme covers:

Working with partners

The public health team works with local organisations and communities to improve people's health and wellbeing and to avoid or reduce the risk of illness. This helps to reach varied and diverse groups of people across the city.

Health and Wellbeing Board

Public health are undertaking an active role on the Salford Health and Wellbeing Board, which is responsible for:

  • Assessing the needs of the local population (though the joint strategic strengths and needs assessment)
  • Promoting integration and partnership through joined-up commissioning plans
  • Producing and monitoring the Locality Plan which is the joint health and wellbeing strategy for Salford
  • Providing a forum for the planning and accountability of health and wellbeing related services, with a focus on tackling health inequalities
  • Overseeing delivery of The Great Eight priorities for Salford and The Salford Way

The board is chaired by Councillor Merry and Dr Tom Tasker. More details can be found on the Partners in Salford website.

This page was last updated on 16 August 2022

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