Questions about the apprenticeship fund

What is the Salford Skills for Business Apprenticeship Fund (SSFBAF)?

It’s a fund that invests in apprenticeship training to help create job opportunities for Salford residents. 

How has it come about?

This trailblazing new fund invests in apprenticeship training within small to medium sized organisations (under 250 employees) to help create more quality and sustainable apprenticeship roles for Salford residents.

The fund also helps existing employers close skills gaps in key sectors such as health and social care, digital, education, manufacturing and construction, hospitality, business and professional services.

Thanks to the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and associated reforms, organisations can now gift up to 25 per cent of its training levy to an unlimited number of employers. Salford City Council and its partners, will be gifting apprenticeship training funding to small and medium sized organisations.

Who this is relevant to?

All Salford SMEs that want to invest in a new apprenticeship role or upskill their existing workforce. SMEs must have a staff headcount of less than 250 people. 

Is it a gift, a grant or a loan?

100% of the apprenticeship training costs are gifted to the SME by one of the levy paying partners listed.

What is the award criteria?

To receive either the gift the SME must pay at least the ‘National Living Wage for 25 years of age +’ to all its employees regardless of age (from April 2023 this is £10.42 per hour). There are other award conditions - see the criteria section of the website for full details.   


This page was last updated on 22 February 2024

Salford Skills for Business Apprenticeship Fund

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