Archaeological excavation at Worsley New Hall 2012

Archaeology is the study and recording of human history and prehistory through the recovery and analysis of artefacts, architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes.

There is a wide range of archaeology both above and below ground in Salford, not all of which has been identified, for example with some being unearthed recently at Greengate, Salford Central and Worsley New Hall.

If there is a belief that investigating a heritage asset further might reveal more about our past, it is said to have an archaeological interest. Many heritage assets have a significance that is a combination of architectural, historic, artistic and archaeological interest, however some assets will only be of archaeological interest, in that nothing substantial may be known about the site but there is an expectation that investigation may yield something of strong enough interest to justify some level of protection.

Heritage assets of national archaeological significance are designated as scheduled ancient monuments.

Assessing the potential for archaeological significance

Paragraph 128 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires applicants to describe the significance of any heritage assets affected by proposed works.

Development sites that include or have the potential to include heritage assets with archaeological interest are required to submit an appropriate desk-based assessment and, where necessary, a field evaluation.

To find out if there are any heritage assets with archaeological significance in your proposal area, you will need to email the Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service (GMAAS).

GMASS provide archaeology and planning advice for the ten Greater Manchester authorities and hold and maintain Salford's historic environment record (an archive of sites of potential archaeological significance).

Salford's historic landscape characterisation study should also be utilised as this can help to provide an indication of whether there is likely to be anything of archaeological significance on or near a site.

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