War memorials

Salford has over two hundred war memorials, rolls of honour and other physical objects that commemorate local people who have died in conflicts, including, but not confined to, the First and Second World Wars.

Most of these memorials are listed by Salford War Memorials (SWARM).

To see the location of Salford's war memorials, please use the interactive heritage map.

Who has responsibility for maintaining a memorial?

Salford City Council has responsibility for the maintenance and repair of some of these, for example, cenotaphs, memorials situated on or in council buildings and objects within the Salford Museum and Art Gallery collection.

However, many more memorials, rolls of honour and other objects of commemoration and remembrance are situated inside and outside churches, cemeteries and other public and private buildings.

These are generally the responsibility of the owner of the object or the building in which it is situated, but local communities and individuals are also able and encouraged to play a part in their maintenance and conservation.

How do residents have a say on what happens to war memorials?

If the war memorial you are concerned about or wish to support is the responsibility of Salford City Council, please contact the officer at the bottom of this page. You may also wish to contact your local community committee or ward councillors to assist or support you.

If the war memorial is not the responsibility of Salford City Council, we may still be able to advise you about the memorial's owner and opportunities for obtaining funding and support, see also the sections below on this page for sources of information and advice. We would also strongly encourage groups and communities to work together to maintain, conserve and repair their local war memorials, and to raise awareness of these and the stories and people they commemorate.

How can I help look after my local war memorial?

We would very much encourage local communities to 'adopt' or take care of their local war memorials. It may be useful to form a group or committee of like-minded people to take the project forward, for example, local residents, the local Royal British Legion branch, local historians, local places of worship if appropriate, local youth groups eg guides, scouts, cadets and community groups.

Groups are able to apply for a wider range of funding sources than individuals and may be better able to do the work required to conserve, maintain or repair the memorial.

Some war memorials are listed and as such are protected against unauthorised demolition or alteration through the listed building consent regime. Listed building consent is required for any alterations affecting its character or appearance. To find out if a particular war memorial is listed, please visit Salford's listed buildings page.

Do I need to own the war memorial I want to help restore or maintain?

No, you do not have to own it, but the owner would need to be in agreement with you undertaking the proposed work. The best way of achieving this would be to work in partnership with the owner and for them to be a partner to your application.

You will also need to consider how you will maintain the memorial after the repair work is done. You should consider what costs might be involved and who will be responsible for doing the work.

Funding for repair, maintenance and engagement projects

The main source of funding for the protection and conservation of war memorials in England is the War Memorials Trust.

Grants are for conservation and repair of war memorials and all grant schemes are open to anyone to apply; individuals or organisations, including councils. Information on grants, eligibility and how to apply are available on the War Memorials Trust website

The Heritage Lottery Fund will also consider applications focusing on war memorials which adequately meet the Heritage Lottery Fund's priority outcomes.

Advice and support on conservation, maintenance, repair of war memorials

Alongside its grant-making, the War Memorials Trust has a dedicated conservation team that can provide free advice on any memorial issue or technical conservation enquiry. This service is available to anyone with a memorial enquiry. The conservation team can also advise on maintenance works and how to prevent theft.

The trust's website has extensive advice and frequently asked questions providing guidance on conservation and repair and helpsheets on most general and technical memorial issues.

The Royal British Legion also provides information regarding war memorials. The Royal British Legion has branches in BoothstownPendleton and Swinton.

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