Engagement and inclusion

The Public Health Engagement and Inclusion Leads (PHEILs) act as a link between the Public Health team and the unknown and underserved communities or residents of Salford, to reduce health inequalities and barriers to people accessing public health services. This is in line with the city’s equality strategy and the Mayor’s ‘Great Eight’ priorities for Salford.

The team aims to support unidentified and underserved communities by:

  • Using public health information and community insights to identify who lives in Salford and what the different health needs and inequalities are across the city.
  • Working in partnership with local organisations to help better understand communities and try to ensure health and social care services are accessible and meet the needs of underserved communities.
  • Creating opportunities for two-way conversations between underserved communities and public health services. Through these conversations the team aims to help build trust and ensure underserved communities’ health priorities are heard and responded to.
  • Trying out new and innovative ideas to better meet the health needs of the underserved communities in Salford including those who do not currently access services.

Meet the team

Public Health Engagement and Inclusion Leads

Public Health Engagement and Inclusion Support Officers

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