Salford Assist

Help when you really need it

Life can sometimes throw the unexpected at you. Salford Assist is a Salford City Council scheme that can offer short term support to people who are in a crisis, emergency or major disaster situation. These situations can mean that you are unable to meet the basic needs of yourself or your family.

Salford Assist doesn’t offer cash payments, but would consider your immediate needs and try to help with essential items such as:

  • a referral for baby milk, nappies or food for your baby and your family
  • essential furniture items, for example a bed, or white goods
  • shopping vouchers
  • help with emergency supply of gas or electric where there is no heating in the household
  • advice and referrals to another service, agency or fund
  • council tax support
  • copies of birth certificates for homeless people

Assistance may also include things such as seeking debt advice, referral routes to affordable loans and recycled furniture schemes. We also give advice on how to access more affordable fuel tariffs and benefits.

Our awards are discretionary

This means there will be no duty on the council to make an award, each application will be considered on its merits. All other options for support should be investigated before an application is made.

The scheme is linked to other support services including homelessness prevention, debt advice, welfare rights, money management skills, affordable loans and council tax.

The scheme supports emergency assistanceresettlement grants and council tax support.

Find out how to apply for help from Salford Assist

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