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Business rates - e-billing

Help us to help you. You can make your life easier, save paper and save us money by receiving your business rates bill electronically.

E-billing, also known as paperless billing, is faster and more efficient. It keeps our print and postage costs down so we can spend our limited funds in more effective ways to help residents.

Registering for e-billing means you can stop receiving a paper bill by post and start receiving your bill by email. You can easily find and store your bill and still have the option to print it or forward a copy to someone if you need to.

How it works

  • If you register for paperless e-billing all future correspondence will be sent to the email address you provide when you register.
  • Each person named on the bill may receive their own copy, but both people will need to register and provide their email address.

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Business rates e-billing terms and conditions

  1. When signing up for paperless e-billing I must provide a valid and current email address.
  2. I agree to notify Salford City Council immediately if my email address changes and provide my new email address.
  3. I understand that it is the responsibility of the company or the person liable for the rate charge to inform Salford City Council if an employee, who has registered to receive electronic rate bills, has left the company or employment of the business.
  4. I understand that Salford City Council will cancel this agreement if I supply an incorrect or out of date email address and that I would revert to receiving my business rates bills by post.
  5. I agree that by signing up to receive business rates bills by email, I am entering into an agreement with Salford City Council to receive all future business rates bills electronically via a PDF attachment on a secure email and I will no longer receive these bills by post.
  6. In the event of non payment I understand that Salford City Council will issue any business rates reminders for unpaid amounts by paperless e-billing and I will be responsible for bringing the payments up to date.
  7. In the event of further non-payment I understand that Salford City Council will only issue final notices, court summonses and other letters relating to non-payment in paper format by post.
  8. My details, including my email address, may be used by other Salford City Council departments but will not be passed to third parties without my permission.
  9. If I wish to cancel my paperless e-billing and return to receiving postal bills, I understand I must notify Salford City Council of this by contacting the business rates team at least 14 days before the next instalment date.
  10. We reserve the right forthwith to unilaterally terminate this arrangement in the event that the council, acting reasonably, considers that abuse of the e-billing process has or may occur.

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