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What is the local list?

Local listing is a means for a local community to decide what it is in their area that makes a contribution to its character and historical legacy and as such what they would like recognised as a 'local heritage asset'. Whilst local heritage assets do not enjoy the protection of statutory listing, which is the responsibility of Historic England, they are given some degree of protection through the planning system.

Salford's local list of heritage assets and the selection criteria

The council consulted on a draft local list between May and September 2012, inviting the public to comment on the selection criteria, and suggest other buildings, structures or features they consider should be included on the list. Following this, a revised local list of heritage assets was developed, which was adopted by Salford City Council in May 2013.

Salford's adopted local list of heritage assets includes 278 individual heritage assets, comprising approximately 628 individual buildings or structures. These figures represent the correct position in November 2013, however it should be recognised that the number of assets on the list may be subject to change.

The list includes buildings, as well as townscapes, landscapes, infrastructure, public art and other objects within the built environment. The adoption of this list will help to protect these by strengthening their role as a material consideration in the planning process, in accordance with saved policy CH8 of the Salford unitary development plan.

Salford's adopted local list of heritage assets can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Further information on each of Salford's locally listed heritage assets, including photo description and statement of significance, can be found using the interactive heritage map.

The selection criteria used in assessing whether a building, structure or feature should be included on the list include:

Number Criteria Description
1 Architectural interest Buildings and structures of an architectural design, decoration and craftsmanship that contributes positively to their environment and offer a composition that affords value, in its proportions, materials and construction
2 Historical interest A building, object or place that is connected with Salford, Greater Manchester or the north west's social, economic and cultural growth and development, or is concerned with a person or event that plays a significant role in local or regional cultural heritage.
3 Age Local heritage assets will be considered from all periods. However, particular attention will be given to buildings that pre-date 1919 and therefore contribute to the principal industrial era under which the city established itself. Nevertheless, there are many 20th century buildings of impeccable design that must be considered due to their own cultural merits.
4 Aesthetic value The appearance of buildings, monuments, places and landscapes, including groups of buildings that individually or together form a set piece or characterise a townscape. Particular attention will be given to style, design, materials, composition and layout.
5 Local interest
  1. People and events - buildings and landscapes associated with influential people and events.
  2. Industrial heritage - buildings and landscapes that represent most strongly Salford as a place different from other areas of the region or even within Greater Manchester.
6 Group value The collective value of a townscape or landscape where individually assets have limited value, yet together comprise a common theme important to the growth of the city or with attractive aesthetic properties.
7 Landmark value Assets that have historically marked important moments in the landscape, provide punctuation to streets or mark arrival points.
8 Social or communal value Assets that are of value to a particular residential commercial, historical, religious or interest group.

The local list of heritage assets will not be a static list and the opportunity for the public to comment on or propose addition to the list will remain.

If you would like to suggest a site for inclusion on Salford's local list of heritage assets, please complete the local list identification form which can be downloaded below.

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