Contract parking

The council offers contract parking permits for the following surface-level car parks:

  • John William Street, St Mary's Road and Irwell Place, Eccles
  • Hankinson Way and Ellor Street, Salford
  • Church Street, Swinton
  • Worsley Court House, Worsley

Regular users of these car parks are able to make substantial savings by taking out term contracts as opposed to paying daily charges.

Annual contract

  • £360 (excluding VAT)
  • £432 (including VAT)

Quarterly contract

  • £90 (excluding VAT)
  • £108 (including VAT)

Environmental concession

To encourage use of cleaner fuel burning cars, the council is now able to offer a discounted rate of 25% to motorists who purchase annual car park contracts under the following criteria:

  • owners of light passenger vehicles that have a low CO2 emission figure that qualifies the vehicle for a reduced rate of annual vehicle excise duty, and
  • the vehicle meets the requirements of either Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) bands A, B or C. The Vehicle Certification Agency provides details of low emission vehicles

A low carbon vehicle is defined as one that emits 120 grams per kilometre or less of CO2 and 0.02 grams per kilometre or less of particulates concurring with the VED bands A to C rating.

Applicants will need to provide copies of the following documents:

  • V5 certificate, registration document (proof of the vehicle's low carbon status)
  • MOT certificate, if applicable

A green coloured permit will be issued for display on your vehicle, distinguishing it from other contract holders.

Downloadable documents

If you are unable to view documents of these types, our downloads page provides links to viewing software.

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