Residents parking permits

Parking permits and their enforcement is undertaken by Salford City Council in respect of residents' parking schemes.

What you need to do to park in a scheme area

To park your vehicle in a residents' parking permit holders area you must either clearly display, with all details and counterfoil showing the relevant paper permit in your vehicles windscreen or be registered with the local authority`s digital permitting service (MiPermit).

In the event that neither is available please make alternative parking arrangements in an unrestricted area as your vehicle may be correctly issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

How to apply for a permit

Check the schemes below to see if you need a paper or digital permit.

Applications for new or replacement paper permits in respect of some of the existing schemes may be made by completing the downloadable form at the bottom of this page and either posted to parking services or emailed to

Please ensure your areas permits are not managed by digital permitting before making a paper application. Details of how to apply for a digital permit are explained below.

Schemes that use paper permits:

  • Guild Avenue Permit Scheme (Walkden M28)
  • Hope Phase 1, 2 and 3 Permit Schemes (Salford Royal Hospital Area)
  • Kersal (Salford City Stadium) Match Day Permit Scheme (Salford M7)
  • Swinton Zone A and B Permit Schemes (Swinton, M27)
  • Walkden Community Parking Scheme (Walkden, M28)
  • Strawberry Road Permit Scheme (Salford M6)
  • Eccles Residential Permit Scheme (Eccles, M30)
  • Egerton Road (Worsley, M28)
  • Encombe Place/Bank Place (Salford M3)
  • Devon Close/Park Place (Salford M6)
  • Meadow Court (Salford M6)

Digital permitting

The local authority has started to move away from the issue of paper permits to a more efficient, customer and environmentally friendly digital parking permit service. At present there are only a few parking schemes which are available but more will move across to the new service in time and letters will be received by residents in due course inviting them to register with the service and apply for their digital permits.

Benefits to both residents and Salford City Council by going digital include:

  1. 24-hour access by residents and council to the digital permitting platform meaning quicker turnaround of applications and response times to requests such as changes to permit VRMs. No more waiting for the post to deliver your permit or the council to receive your application.
  2. Safe and secure online payments.
  3. No more risk of permits being lost/unavailable due to none return by visitors/contractors.
  4. Eliminates Penalty Charge Notices unnecessarily being issued to residents’ vehicles for the none display of a valid permit when forgotten to be displayed or when a permit falls from view, becomes obscured, damaged. Saving the time to appeal penalties issued in these circumstances.
  5. Better management of ongoing eligible permit holders, ensuring maximum on-street space is available to eligible residents only.
  6. Zero carbon footprint and environmentally friendly.
  7. Zero handling of paper applications/permits and post between individuals, helping prevent the possible spread of COVID-19.

Schemes that use digital permits:

  • Trinity Way Residents Permit Scheme (Salford M3)
  • Fire Station Square Residents Permit Scheme (Salford M5)
  • Crompton Street Residents Permit Scheme (Swinton, M27)
  • Salford Quays Residents Permit Scheme (The Quays,M50)
  • Doctors Bays Hodge Road Permit Scheme (Walkden, M28)
  • Barton Road Permit Scheme (Worsley M28)
  • Monton Zone A and B Permit Schemes (Eccles M30)

More schemes are to follow soon.

Applications for a digital residential parking permit can be made online using the MiPermit service 

  • If you don't have an account, please register with MiPermit by completing their new user form.

New user

  • Existing users can log-in directly to the Salford City Council page on MiPermit.

Existing user

For further information about your MiPermit account, please contact MiPermit Assistance:

If you have any other enquiries regarding digital permitting please contact the Parking Services team at providing details of your enquiry and full contact details. 

Requests for the introduction of a new residents' parking scheme may be made in writing to the traffic and transportation manager at the address below.

Downloadable documents

If you are unable to view documents of these types, our downloads page provides links to viewing software.

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This page was last updated on 1 February 2021

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