Disabled parking

What are the bays for?

We provide parking bays for disabled badge holders outside or near their place of residence. The bays act as advisory markings on the carriageway indicating that a disabled person lives close by and that space is the most convenient place for them to park.

The bays are available for any disabled person to use and cannot be reserved for an individual. There is no enforcement in place to prevent other road users parking in them and so rely on people being community-minded enough not to park in the bays.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for a disabled parking bay who has a valid disabled badge and has a vehicle registered at the address where the bay has been requested.

What is the criteria?

The application form sets out the information an applicant will need to supply. Every application represents a unique case and a final decision will be made by the investigating officer based on its merits. This will include a site visit to determine whether the provision of such a bay is practical.

It should be pointed out that for an application to be successful, the vehicle registration document provided must be for a vehicle registered at the address where the bay has been requested. Generally an application will not be successful if the applicant has an existing off-street parking facility or one that can be provided at or near to their property.

How to apply

To make applying easier, please complete the application form and return it to the address below.

Please note these bays are not for commercial premises - they are for residential use only.

There is a charge of £75 if the application is successful.

Downloadable documents

If you are unable to view documents of these types, our downloads page provides links to viewing software.

Who to contact

Traffic Management
Technical Services
Salford Civic Centre
Chorley Road
M27 5AS
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