What is mothballing?

Some permitted installations may at present be operating at reduced levels that are below the legal threshold stated in the environmental permitting regulations. This means that an installation may surrender their permit for as long as this continues. However an installation may want to keep their permit, rather than surrender it and have to make a fresh permit application when economic circumstances improve. If this is the case, then you can apply to mothball the permit for a period of at least 12 months.

How to apply

To apply for mothballing, you must complete the declaration, a copy of which can be found at the bottom of this page, and return it to us at the address below. The council will then assess your declaration along with supporting evidence and will write to you within four weeks from receiving the application with a decision.

What will happen with my subsistence fees?

As a result of mothballing the permit, this would mean the annual subsistence fee will be reduced by 40% of the full charge for each 12 month period the permit is mothballed (this is based on a permit mothballed on the 1 April to 31 March). For mothballed permits during a financial year, the 40% reduction will apply to those months the permit is in mothball after the council issues an acceptance letter.

If a permit is taken out of mothballing, then the fees will return to full price for each month of the financial year the permit is out of mothball. For any permits brought out of mothball within 12 months, there will be a charge for the remaining 60% for the financial year plus an administration fee of £50.

What will happen while my permit is in mothballing?

As a responsible operator, you will be expected to maintain the standards required by the permit, such as preventing emissions causing a nuisance to the community and maintaining plant or equipment that is installed to minimise emissions. The inspection officer may visit during the mothballing period to check compliance.

You will also be expected to write to the council every three months stating whether the installation is being operated, and if so, the level of operation.

What do I do to bring my permit out of mothballing?

You must inform the council immediately and in writing including the expected date to restart or increased levels of production.

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This page was last updated on 16 May 2017

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