Temporary transfer

All mobile plant permit holders who wish to hire out their mobile plant without an operator must transfer their permit to the hiring company for the duration of the hire.

The company intending to use the hired plant would then take over the responsibility of complying with the permit for the agreed fixed term of the transfer.

In order to transfer the permit, an application must be forwarded to Salford City Council ten days in advance of the hire, along with a transfer fee. The current fee is available on the DEFRA website.

Payment can be made by cheque (payable to Salford City Council) or by contacting 0161 925 1097 and making a payment over the phone.

Once the application has been processed, Salford City Council will issue a temporary transfer notice which must be attached to the permit. A copy of the permit and notice must be given to the hiring company. When the fixed term stated on the notice has expired, the permit will automatically revert back to the original company.

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This page was last updated on 17 March 2021

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