Unauthorised building work, how do I remedy the situation with regards to the building regulations?

It is not uncommon for some building work to be undertaken without having the appropriate building regulation approvals in place. This can cause problems when a property is being sold as the owner will not be able to supply the buyer with the building regulation approval notice and / or completion certificate.

For works undertaken after the 11 November 1985 you can apply to building control to regularise the situation and obtain a Regularisation Certificate. We cannot regularise work completed prior to this date.

It is the owners’ responsibility to submit a regularisation application and it is the owners’ responsibility to prove that the works comply with the regulations. In most cases the work will have been completed and as such some opening-up and / or remedial work may be required. You may also need to provide architectural drawings and / or structural engineers calculations.

Please be aware, in some instances it may be impractical for owners of buildings to prove compliance with the building regulations and as such a regularisation application may not be the best course of action. You are strongly advised to seek professional help from a suitably qualified surveyor, architect, engineer or builder before proceeding with a regularisation application.

Once building control are satisfied that the requirements of the building regulations have been met a ‘Regularisation Certificate’ will be issued.

If you are confident a regularisation application is appropriate for your circumstances, an application can be made online.

Before you start

  • You will need to pay a regularisation fee on submission of the application. The fee is dependent on the extent of work and will be individually assessed.
  • If you are unable to prove compliance with the building regulations a Regularisation Certificate will not be issued. In such circumstances the regularisation fee is not refundable.
  • A Regularisation Certificate is evidence (but not conclusive evidence) that the relevant building regulations have been complied with.

Make an application online

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