Important information regarding Building Regulations applications received after 1 October 2023

Significant changes to the building control regime came into effect on 1 October 2023, including:

  • new responsibilities for dutyholders involved in the commissioning, design and construction of works subject to The Building Regulations 2010
  • new definitions for commencement of work
  • automatic lapse of plans after three years for work which has not commenced
  • new requirements for information and notifications to be provided to Building Control bodies when making an application and throughout the construction project.

Commencement notice

In accordance with Regulation 16, anyone required by Regulation 12 to give a building notice or an application for building control approval with full plans shall not start the work unless they have given the Local Authority a notice of their intention to start the work, and at least two days have passed after the end of the day on which the commencement notice was given. 

Download the Commencement notice (Microsoft Word format, 104kb)

‘Regarded as commenced’ notice

In accordance with Regulation 16(3C), anyone required by Regulation 12 to give a building notice or an application for building control approval with full plans shall give the council  notice that the work has reached a stage where it can be regarded as commenced for the purposes of compliance with Regulation 46A. A ‘regarded as commenced’ notice must be given before the end of five days after the date the work reached a point where it is regarded as commenced. 

Download the 'Regarded as commenced' notice (Microsoft Word format, 109kb)

Change in Dutyholder notice

This notice is used where building work is proposed to be or is being carried out any time after an application for building control approval with full plans is made or a building notice is given. It is relevant if dutyholder/s for the project change. The client (or new client) must give notice to the local authority within 14 calendar days of the date when the person became the dutyholder.

Download the Dutyholder notice (Microsoft Word format, 205kb)

Completion notice

For all Building Regulation applications submitted after 1 October 2023 a notice of completion must be provided to Building Control not more than five days after the work has been completed.

Each dutyholder must provide a compliance statement for their responsible work. Dutyholders include but are not limited to the:

  • client
  • principal designer
  • principal contractor

Download the Completion notice (Microsoft Word format, 186kb)

For buildings subject to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the client must submit the same notice, but within five days of occupation (or any part of it). It must also state the following:  

  • the date when the building (or any part of it) is occupied; and 
  • a signed statement confirming that to the best of their knowledge, Regulation 38 and Part B of Schedule 1 are currently complied with for the parts of the building are to be occupied.

Download the Occupation notice (Microsoft Word format, 182kb)

Please note it is the clients responsibility to appoint a Principal Contractor and Principal Designer for the project. Further information relating to these roles please see government guidance relating to design and building works.

We will not be able to issue a Building Regulations completion certificate until the completed notice is returned to this authority.

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