Children in entertainment

Performance licence

A child will need a licence if they're of school age and taking part in:

  • films, plays, concerts or other public performances that the audience pays to see, or that take place on licensed premises 
  • any sporting events or modelling assignments where the child is paid

The person in charge of running the event must apply to us for a child performance licence. To get a licence, send an email or call 0161 603 4350.

The council will only agree to a licence if all conditions are met and information is provided. The child's school can also stop the licence being issued if they think it will affect the child's education, health or welfare.

Body of Persons Licence applications

Please note that as of the 31 August 2016 all Body of Persons Applications will have to include Local Authority Approved Chaperones.

For more information about this or if you wish to discuss, please email

Child supervision

If the child won’t be with their parent, school teacher or home tutor, they must be supervised by a chaperone approved by the council. Chaperones can apply to us for approval by completing the application form and supporting documents (below). Email them to our child employment officer

The council will carry out checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Legal information

The need for a performance licence and chaperone approval comes under the Children and Young Persons Act 1963 and Children (Performances and Activities)(England) Regulations 2014.

This page was last updated on 16 August 2018

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