Biography of the Ceremonial Mayor

John is the eldest son of Mary and Patrick (Paddy) who emigrated to the UK in the late 1950’s where his father worked as a self-employed screeder.

Unlike his siblings, John was born in All Saints, Manchester and smuggled over the border to Salford, Devonshire Street in Higher Broughton, as a baby. The rest of his brothers and sisters, Andrew, Doreen, Patrick, Eugene, Rose and Anton, are all Salfordians!

John grew up in Greengate, attending St John & St Peter’s RC Primary School. From the age of 7 to 12 he served at the Altar of St Peter’s Church until it was closed and merged with St John’s Cathedral.

Leaving St Albert’s RC High School in 1976 the family then moved to Walker Road, Eccles where John took a job as an apprentice glazer at Cold Shield Windows in Cobden Street Salford. During this year he also met his future wife Michelle.

Becoming bored of glazing, John tried welding. He qualified as a Lloyds Certified Welder as well as ASME pipe welder. After a very short spell at Redpath, Dorman & Long in Trafford Park, he decided to move on again.

1984 was a big year for John. He married Michelle at St Matthew’s RC Church in Winton. Now with their first son Kelvin, John became concerned about his earnings and decided he needed to study. He chose those new fangled computers and learned programming in his own time. Within a year he had qualified and gained a BTEC at Worsley College.

Things changed drastically for the family a couple of years later when they were joined by their youngest son Jonathan and John took a job at a private car park. John hadn’t been working at the car park long when he found a senior manager was struggling with one of the first IBM computers and offered assistance. One hour later he had re-loaded it and wrote a program that shaved three days off the then manual billing routine. The manger told him he was wasted parking cars and offered him his first office job at Provincial Bank. From there John went on to get an ONC, HNC and at the ripe old age of 37 a degree in computer science!

Along the way he changed jobs to a Senior I.T Manager for an American credit card company and was a regular traveller to Dallas, Tokyo and Europe. He also achieved his professional qualifications with the British Computer Society. John became John Mullen BSC (hons) MBCS CITP.

In 1999 his father passed away suddenly and his mother was diagnosed late with brain cancer. His mother passed just six months after his father in 2000. The company John was working for was bought out by City Bank in 2000 and John’s services were no longer required. Unemployed, angry John turned to politics to sort out the injustice of the late arrival of the ambulance to his father and the late cancer diagnosis of his mother. He joined the Labour party in 2001 to campaign for better cancer and ambulance services.

John has served the people of Salford since 2004 as an elected member for Barton Ward, whilst working self-employed in the I.T trade, establishing a good reputation that saw him work for ONS, Walmart and Sainsburys. He did a piece of work for the GP commission body that led to a 'short term' contract with the NHS lasting 8 years.

When the money ran out there he moved on to another trust for a 'short term' contract that lasted another 4 years. He took retirement in 2020.

Over the years, he was deeply saddened and motivated by the passing of his parents. Sadly a few years later the family lost their beloved brother Eugene. This has further resolved John’s ambition to serve the people and to work hard to prevent injustice and hardship where ever he can in Salford.

Serving the people of Barton has made John very proud and humbled by the trust that people put in him. These people along with his wife, sons and grandson, Jack, have given him so much joy and now he cannot wait to serve as an ambassador for the great city of Salford.

When he has some spare time, he loves to travel and enjoys a quick half! John loves watching Sci-Fi in particular Star Trek and is the proud owner of a star trek Barbie and Ken! He loves spending quality time with his grandson, Jack, playing computer games and has become a master routines programmer for Alexa.

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