Ceremonial Mayor's Charity Appeal

The Ceremonial Mayor, Councillor John Mullen, is supporting the following charities during his term of office.

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The Andrew Cooke Music Award Trust and Memorial Fund

This charity helps all children across the city to afford to buy and afford tutoring of a musical instrument. Music has been proven to help children socially, build confidence, teaches discipline and helps them to express themselves. Most importantly learning to play a musical instrument gives children enjoyment and the opportunity of learning a new skill.

The Salfordian

Situated in Southport and built by Salford Council in 1963 to provide a refuge for residents and their carers, with 24-hour on call support. Today, the hotel is run by the Salfordian Trust and caters mainly for older Salford residents and less mobile visitors but they also welcome other guests. The Salfordian helps those people by giving them the opportunity for much needed respite and a chance to enjoy a popular holiday destination knowing that their care needs will always be catered for.

Salford by the Sea

Situated on the main coast road between Prestatyn & Rhyl, Salford Children's Holiday Camp was established in 1926, left by bequest, to the children of Salford.

Since then it has provided a holiday home to over 80,000 Salford children from all walks of life! Its purpose has always been to provide affordable holidays to Salford children.

More often than not it was the child's first or only holiday. For many disadvantaged children, their holiday at the camp was often the first and only time they saw the sea, earning its nicknames 'Salford by the Sea' and 'The Jam Butty Camp'.

Donate to the Ceremonial Mayor’s Charity

This page was last updated on 3 February 2021

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