Ceremonial Mayor's Charity Appeal

The Ceremonial Mayor, Councillor Ronnie Wilson, is supporting the following charities during his term of office.

Salford Birth Centre

The Ceremonial Mayor's two sons and two grandchildren were born in what is now Salford Royal. It was local care at its very best.

The Salford Royal birth centre has now closed so this new centre, which NHS England is supporting, gives a choice to families.

People born or brought up in Salford are proud of their roots. Time after time when we ask people what they value most in our city, they tell us it is the community and the unique character of our local people. 

That’s why it is important to Salford that all that women who have low risk pregnancies continue to have the choice of giving birth in the city. 

Ingleside Birth Centre offers quality choice to women, providing a local facility for women who want a midwife-led birth. It features a full range of birthing suites with pools, modern equipment and family rooms on site and is also a community resource with a range of other services for families. 

Singing with Dementia

Every one of us is at some time touched by dementia and knows the trauma of dealing with the condition.

Singing with Dementia is a Salford based Charity which was set up in 2010 to support Carers of those with dementia and alzheimer’s. They are dedicated to using music as a communication tool to stimulate the process of recall of past memories for people with dementia and alzheimer’s.

The centre provides safe, happy and welcoming sessions where sufferers and their carers can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, the singing, the music, the companionship and the support. It is also a refuge for carers and acts as a sign posting service for help and advice. No referral is needed, everything is free and everyone is welcome.

Music is a great communicator for when words fail, music speaks.

They meet locally, once a week where they can stay for lunch and continue to enjoy company and relaxation. 

Salford by the Sea

The Ceremonial Mayor's father-in-law used to speak fondly of the “Jam Butty Camp” from his childhood.

Situated on the main coast road between Prestatyn and Rhyl, Salford Children's Holiday Camp was established in 1926, left by bequest, to the children of Salford.

Since then it has provided a holiday home to over 80,000 Salford children from all walks of life! It's purpose has always been to provide affordable holidays to Salford children. 

More often than not it was the child's first or only holiday. For many disadvantaged children, their holiday at the camp was often the first and only time they saw the sea, earning its nicknames 'Salford by the Sea' and 'The Jam Butty Camp'.

Ceremonial Mayor's Community Chest

This fund offers grant awards of up to £500 to local community groups or individuals to help them make a difference in their community or to help them achieve a specific goal. 

Grants will be awarded to projects which demonstrate that there will be a benefit to Salford residents, have a community focus and be open to, and inclusive of, all. 

Examples of eligible projects (although this list is not exhaustive):

  • Refurbishment of a community facility
  • Provision of play equipment, benches and audio equipment
  • Communal equipment for community facilities
  • Help in promoting the arts to improve health and wellbeing. 

Grants will also be awarded to individuals to help them achieve a personal goal for example:

  • Sports equipment/kit to help in training for a specific challenge
  • Musical instruments to assist those wishing to take external exams or play in a concert.
  • Contribution towards travel to enable participation in an event
  • Help in fostering the arts (dancing, acting, singing, art). 

Applications will be accepted from January 2019 and it is hoped that the first grant awards will be made soon after. The fund will continue distributing awards until all funds are depleted. If you are interested in applying please complete the application form at the bottom of this page and return it to mayoralty@salford.gov.uk.

For further information about the Ceremonial Mayor's charity appeal, please email michelle.lindsay@salford.gov.uk or call the Ceremonial Mayor's office on 0161 793 3030.

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