Ceremonial Mayor's Charity Appeal

The Ceremonial Mayor, Councillor Tanya Burch, is supporting the following charities during her term of office.

St Ann’s Hospice - Little Hulton

This independent charity provides supportive and specialist palliative care services to people over the age of 18 from across Greater Manchester. It enables individuals with a life-limiting illness, their families, and carers to maximise the quality of their lives. 

Care is given free of charge and is regulated by the Quality Care Commission. Provision includes in-patient, home care, day therapy, bereavement services and community services. The charity also provides educational training for other health professionals.

Royal Naval Association - Pendleton

The Royal Naval Association provides those with a link to the Royal Navy access to a life-long community of like-minded and supportive individuals. Our community provides companionship, resilience, comradeship and unity to anyone and everyone with a Naval story, supporting them through life's highs and lows.

The RNA in Pendleton is a family of current and former Naval Service personnel, and other ex-services personnel, relatives and supporters of our country's Armed Forces.

The RNA can offer help with getting support with anything from mobility issues, to advice on new technologies and getting online, to finding a community or social support system locally. Whatever the challenge, they are there to offer a helping hand in finding ways of making things easier for their members, whether they are still serving, working on civvy street or retired.

Whether catching up with friends at their regular social events, fundraising, advising on welfare and employment matters or just providing an arm around the shoulder, their natural willingness to help others stems from the tradition and camaraderie that life in the Royal Navy instils.

Membership is open to all serving or retired members of the Armed Forces and their family, friends, and supporters.

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This page was last updated on 28 May 2024

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