Assisted bin collections

Salford City Council can provide assistance to residents who are unable to wheel their own bins to the kerbside for collection because of disability, ill health or mobility problems.

Could you cope with a smaller bin?

We can exchange your 240 litre wheelie bin for a smaller 140 litre bin, if this would help instead of assistance please complete our online form.

Exchange my bin form

Other assistance available to you

If you are finding everyday tasks difficult, you may want to contact Disabled Living. Based in Wardley, Disabled Living is a charity which provides impartial information about equipment (assistive technology) and services for disabled adults, children and older people.  

Our help to live at home pages offer information and advice about other aspects of daily living that you might be finding difficult.

How to apply for an assisted bin collection

To apply for assistance please call 0161 793 2500. 

If you meet the criteria you will be added to the list within the following five days.

The assisted bin collection scheme offers our help with your wheelie bins for both waste and recycling (blue and brown).

Pink lidded bin or outdoor food bin

If you are on our assisted collection list and you then receive a pink lidded food and garden waste bin and/or a 23 litre outdoor food bin please call 0161 793 2500 to add this bin to the list of bins to be collected. These collections are not offered automatically as not every resident uses this service.

Keeping the list up to date

In an effort to keep the list as up to date as possible, a renewal form will be sent to all those households registered on the list to ask that they re-apply. If a written response is not received within the timescale given then your details will be taken off our assisted list, without further notice, and you will then be expected to place your bins at the kerbside ready for collection on the appropriate day.

All information provided will be treated in confidence and in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will only share information with your consent or if the law allows us to.


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