No side waste and closed lid

Salford City Council has adopted a no side waste and closed bin lid policy.

This means:

  • Residents must not put out any extra bags of general waste or recycling at the kerbside for collection
  • Residents must ensure that the lids of their bins are fully closed when out for collection
  • If residents have surplus waste or recycling that will not fit into their bin (with a closed lid) they should take this their nearest household waste recycling centre

Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990), failure to adhere to these rules could lead to residents being issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Why has the council adopted this policy?

  • Some residents continue to place large amounts of waste that could be recycled into the general waste black bin and in bags placed out as side waste. This waste could be recycled, which would save the city significant amounts of money that could be invested in other services
  • Salford's current recycling rate is low compared to other councils in Greater Manchester and we need to recycle more to reach our target of recycling 50% of our waste by 2020
  • Putting out side waste bags and failing to close bin lids encourages vermin and can lead to some of the waste being spread as litter

The full policy is available to download.

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