Make sure you keep your homes and possessions safe

Burglary, theft from vehicles, theft of bikes and motorbikes are all on the increase in Salford.

Help keep your home and possessions safe by making it hard for thieves to take your property.


Keep an eye on open doors and windows if you’re at home.

If you’re going out make sure all doors and windows are locked - even if you live in a flat as burglars have been known to climb to low-rise balconies.

Anti-snap locks and devices to prevent patio doors being lifted out of their frames are a good investment as are timer switches to put lights on and off and a burglar alarm.

If you have an alarm, ensure it is serviced annually.

Don’t publish you’re going away on social media - it could give burglars the heads up that your home is empty.


Always lock bikes or motorbikes securely using a good quality lock every time you leave them - even outside your home.

Remind your children to do the same every time they leave their bike as children’s and teenagers bikes are often targeted.

Record the bike frame number and any distinguishing features, take photos and get your bikes security marked. Register them and other valuables Immobilise to deter thieves or help recover items if they are stolen.

Cars and vans

Check your car doors, windows and sun roof are locked and use a steering wheel, gear or clutch pedal lock for extra security.

Never leave items on show in your vehicle.

Keep car keys well away from letterboxes so thieves can’t fish for them and pop keyless car fobs into a signal blocking pouch (a Faraday bag) so they can’t use relay devices to unlock and start your car.

Visit Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for more crime prevention tips.

Report it

If you are the victim of a crime please report it.

It helps build up a picture of where and when crime and anti-social behaviour happens so Greater Manchester Police and community safety partners can take action.

Contact Greater Manchester Police on the no-emergency number 101 or visit the GMP website to report a crime. In emergency always call 999.

If you have information about crime to share you can contact Greater Manchester Police as above or contact national charity Crimestoppers online or call 0800 555 111. It’s completely confidential; your information cannot and will not be traced back to you. Last year public information helped rescue women from domestic abuse and modern slavery as well as capturing criminals.

Go to our report it page where you can report crimes such as flytipping or concerns about the safety of children or adults or a range of other issues from broken streetlights to missed bin collections.

Salford Community Safety Partnership – working to keep Salford safe.

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