Put the brakes on illegal riders

Information is key to putting the brakes on illegal motorcycle and off-road bike nuisance. 

We need your information to build up a picture of what’s happening, where and when, the council can work with the police and other partner agencies to take action.

Last year a joint operation between Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Police saw 24 illegal bikes confiscated and destroyed in Little Hulton while recently two bikes were confiscated in Pendleton. The successes were thanks to public reports of information as well as partner support and our own CCTV footage. 

If you have any information about illegal motorbikes, quad bikes or scrambler bikes please report it online via the link below – even if you have already contacted your local councillor, neighbourhood manager or reported it through another route. 

We’re trying to collect all the information centrally so we can build up a true picture of the problem across the city. 

Report it online

You can also see the information police and partners need to take action against those who ride off-road bikes illegally.

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