For licensees to report an incident, make a complaint or report instances of non-compliance

Please complete the form on this page if you are a driver, vehicle owner or operator and wish to report an incident.

Who is this form for?

This form is only to be used by Hackney and Private Hire licensees (drivers, vehicle owners, operators), licensed by Salford City Council.

What is the form for?

Salford City Council Licensing Authority are mindful that on occasions our licensees experience unacceptable behaviour from passengers or members of the public, such as:

  • Verbal abuse, including racial or hate related abuse
  • Physical violence
  • Theft, non-payment of journey or damage to vehicle

We would like licensees that experience this type of unacceptable behaviour to inform the Licensing Authority so that we are aware of the issues being faced by our licensees and so that we can identify any trends. We would encourage incidents to be reported in a timely manner. This form may also be used by licensees to make a complaint or report instances of non-compliance about another licensee for example no operator stickers, parking in ranks.

This reporting form is not a substitute to a licensee reporting a crime to the police where a crime has been committed.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted details of an incident, made a complaint or reported a non-compliance, the report will be reviewed by a member of the licensing team.  We may not be able to respond to each individual report and on occasions we may not need to contact you for further information, but please be assured that where trends are identified or serious incidents occur we will seek to support our licensees where possible, liaising with partners as appropriate, such as:

  • Hackney and Private Hire trade representatives
  • Internal partners: CCTV service, Equalities team, Neighbourhood Managers, Anti-social behaviour team, and;
  • Greater Manchester Police

Report an incident

Greater Manchester Victims’ Services

If you or your business have been targeted, or if you have witnessed or are otherwise impacted by a crime, support is available to you. This can include emotional support, practical help, advocacy, information provision and referrals into specialist agencies. Greater Manchester Victims' Services provides independent, free and confidential support to anyone affected by crime. You do not have to report any incidents to the police or Salford Council in order to access this support. To get in touch, contact 0161 200 1950 or email the service at

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