Taxi ranks in Salford

Salford City Council provides Hackney Carriage stands, also known as taxi ranks, where taxis may wait for customers. 

Only taxis licensed by Salford City Council can use these ranks, and they cannot be used by private hire vehicles which can only pick up passengers for journeys that have been pre-booked through a private hire operator.

Ranks are provided where a demand has been identified, such as outside hospitals, bus and railway stations, or close to significant leisure or hospitality offerings. Locations where the public or taxi drivers have suggested would be beneficial are also considered.

Ranks can be operational at all hours or part-time, such as evenings only. Please see below for a list of the current Hackney Carriage ranks in Salford, with accompanying details of size and any time restrictions.

Location of stands Time in force Number of spaces

Monton Road, Monton        

North east side, south east of Mirfield Drive.
7pm to 12am 3

Station Road, Swinton

West side, north Chorley Road.
All hours 2

Armitage Avenue, Worsley

West side, south west of Manchester Road.
All hours 2

New Bailey Street, Salford

South west side on Albert Bridge.
All hours 3

Rossall Way, Salford

South west side, east of Pendleton Way.              
10am to 5pm 14

Stott Lane, Salford

West side, opposite Meadowgate Road.
All hours 10

The Quays

Adjacent to Lowry Theatre.
All hours 4

The Quays

South of the bund at Huron Basin.
All hours 3

University Road        

West side, north of Crescent.
All hours 3

University Road West

West side, at University Road roundabout.
All hours 3

Waterfront Quay      

North side, west of The Quays.
All hours 3

Pendleton Way, Salford

North side, north of Fitzwarren Street.
All hours 15

Church Street, Eccles                               

South side, east of King Street.
All hours 5

Church Street, Eccles (feeder rank)

North side, east of King Street.
Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm 5

Gore Street

North west side, south west of New Bailey Street.
All hours 2

Bolton Road

South west side, south east of King Street.

All hours 3

Hankinson Way

North west side, south west of Loganberry Avenue.

All hours 2

Loganberry Avenue

South west side, south east of Hankinson Way.

All hours 5


This page was last updated on 20 June 2024

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