Taxi licensing policy

Salford City Council has now published its revised taxi licensing policy after undertaking extensive consultation with members of the public, business community and the hackney carriage/private hire taxi trade.

The main changes of the policy include:

  • Removal of the previous restriction on the number of hackney carriage licences issued by the council
  • Increasing the types of vehicle that may be licensed as a hackney carriage
  • Introduction of new emission standards for all vehicles
  • A requirement for drivers to undertake additional training to improve the standards of customer care offered to the public and enhance the knowledge, skills and professionalism of drivers
  • A requirement for enhanced DBS checks for drivers
  • Publication of the examination and testing requirements for taxi and private hire vehicles undertaken by the council's vehicle management services (VMS)

The policy can be downloaded below and printed copies of the policy are also available to be viewed at Civic Centre reception and libraries throughout the city. Additionally, copies can be obtained by contacting the council's licensing team.

The proposed Greater Manchester minimum licensing standards

The proposed minimum standards have been developed by the ten Greater Manchester authorities to achieve a single vision for licensed vehicles in future, which support the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan proposals to tackle air pollution across Greater Manchester.

We want to make sure that anyone licensed by the ten Greater Manchester authorities who drives or operates a taxi or private hire vehicle in Greater Manchester meets the same minimum standards.

In addition, we want to support the trade to become fit for purpose for the twenty-first century and contribute to the vision for an integrated transport system. Currently, older licensed vehicles are damaging our environment and action is needed to address this important issue.

These proposals will allow any person using a vehicle licensed in Greater Manchester to be assured that a high level and standard of check has been carried out. In addition, this will ensure, as far as possible, that the driver can be trusted, the vehicle is safe, and is not contributing to poor air quality.

They will also be assured, as far as possible, that any operator licensed in Greater Manchester who they book a journey with will hold their information safely and that it will not be misused. This supports the key licensing principles of public protection.

There will be an eight-week public consultation on Minimum Licensing Standards proposals beginning on Thursday 8 October 2020.

This page was last updated on 2 October 2020

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